Training Courses

Training Courses

EASETECH is available only to those that have been trained in the use and interpretation of the model. Training courses are offered regularly.

January 2019 for M. Sc. Students (In English)
3 week course running from January 7th – 25th  2019.

The course objective is to make the student competent in assessment of waste management systems and waste technologies with regard to mass-flow, environmental loads and savings, and resource use and recovery using a life-cycle perspective. The student will be able to model waste management systems, perform uncertainty analysis, make general conclusions from model results, and prepare communicable summaries of main characteristics of selected waste management systems.
For more information and registration please see the
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June 2019 Two PhD Courses in Waste and Bioenergy modelling – also open for consultants, developers and authorities (In English)

Two intensive 5-day (each) training courses offered at DTU in English including guest lectures and excursions. The courses are taught so that they allow students to follow both. The attendants will become registered users of the model. Consultants, developers and authorities will pay a course fee of €5 000 and can use the model for all professional activities. The commercial course fee is including 5 hours support after completion of the course. A license and copyright statements must be signed prior to participation. More information on the courses will be uploaded later this year. If you are interested in receiving an email when more info and registration opens then send an email to For more info on the courses see,12902 and 12909
25 MARCH 2019