Potential Uses

Potential Uses

EASETECH is developed to model environmental technologies. EASEWASTE the model that came bore EASTECH was developed as a specific LCA-waste software. EASTECH has been developed to be used for other types of environmental technologies, but due to the historical development it has been mainly utilised to model waste management systems and this is why its library mostly include fractions and processes related to this field. On the other hand, it allows new users to create their own library by inserting manually new data or importing them from external databases.

It is as indicated a decision support tool for both the private and the public system because it allows a deep and detailed understanding of the studied systems.

Due to its intrinsic characteristics, EASETECH is a useful tool at different levels. It can easily include both heterogeneous material composed of different fractions (e.g. source-separated organic waste, municipal solid waste, wastewater, and construction and demolition waste) and single fractions (e.g. PET bottles, batteries, tree leaves) once their chemical and physical composition is defined.     

It can study complex systems as the management of the municipal waste in a city or more detailed processes as the treatment of the ash from incineration plants, the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus from bio-waste, the release of volatile compounds from at the transfer stations, etc.

Finally, its transparency and flexibility make EASETECH the perfect technical aid to study more theoretical aspects of an LCA though perturbation and scenario analysis, or regarding how different uncertainty distributions affect the final results.